Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron (Snoopy Vrs. El Barón Rojo) – The Royal Guardsmen

Esta canción me gusta mucho, también me recuerda al Baul de los Recuerdos de Radio Progreso 580 A.M.
Según parece fue el unico éxito de este grupo.

Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron
The Royal Guardsmen

1966 – 1967

Jetzt wir singen zusammen die Geschichte
Über den schweinhaften Hund
Und den lieben Red Baron

After the turn
Of the century
In the clear blue skies
Over Germany

Came a roar and a thunder
Men had never heard
Like the screamin' sound
Of a big war bird

Up in the sky
A man in a plane
Baron von Richthofen
Was his name

Eighty men tried
And eighty men died
Now they're buried together
On the countryside

Ten, twenty, thirty, forty,
Fifty or more
The bloody Red Baron
Was rolling out the score
Eighty men died
Trying to end that spree
Of the Bloody Red Baron
Of Germany

In the nick of time
A hero arose
A funny looking dog
With a big black nose

He flew into the sky
To seek revenge
But the Baron shot him down
Curses, foiled again

[repeat CHORUS]

Now, Snoopy had sworn
That he'd get that man
So he asked the Great Pumpkin
For a new battle plan

He challenged the German
To a real dogfight
While the Baron was laughing
He got him in his sight

That bloody Red Baron
Was in a fix
He'd tried everything
But he'd run out of tricks

Snoopy fired once
And he fired twice
And that bloody Red Baron
Went spinning out of sight

[repeat CHORUS 2x]

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