Oh, pretty Woman – Yo Te Amo María – Roy Orbison

La canción  – Yo te amo María – hace que el sistole y diastole de mi corazón produzca una aceleración en la circulación de la sangre por mis venas, no tengo la menor idea porque, lo que si se es que esta canción me gusta muchisisisisisismo. 🙂

Oh, pretty Woman es bastante conocida, es más, mucha gente piensa que Roy Orbison solamente hizo esa canción.

Yo te amo María

Yo Te Amo María
Roy Orbison
(Roy Orbison/Bill Dees)

I'm a poor peasant boy
I'm a dirt farmer's son
And I feel like a king when I know that my work is all done
For at twilight I know
There's a place I must go
And sing my song of love for one who waits all alone

Yo te amo María
María amor
Yo te amo María
María, mi amor

Oh the beautiful sight
Of the great city lights
Where most people run
To try to have fun, not for me
For this woman of mine
Is much sweeter than wine
And I spend all the time I can find
With my María


Oh, the joy of my life
Will one day be my wife
And we'll spend all our days
Watching the world roll on by
When her time comes to fly
To that home in the sky
I pray the angels above
Will love her as much as I


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